S6 Courses

S6 is an extremely important year in school. It gives pupils the opportunity to add to their CV’s and “stand out from the crowd” when it comes time to leave and move on to a sustained, positive destination.

S6 pupils in Gairloch High School get the opportunity to:

  • Add to their list of qualifications
  • Study added-value courses and awards
  • Complete wider achievement activities
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Re-sit courses, if required
  • Prepare for life after school

In addition to the in-house offers available to pupils, learning partners such as Inverness College UHI, North Highland College UHI and West Highland College UHI offer S6 experience courses across a range of disciplines. More information can be found on the UHI Senior Phase website

There are no compulsory courses in S6.

Core PE and PSHE are integrated into the curriculum. RME is offered through events organised by the school chaplaincy team

For more information on the different courses, please visit the Our Curriculum page.